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Accounting Firm based in Cyprus - ATCA Co Ltd.

We are ATCA Co Ltd, a 23-year-old boutique accounting, audit and fiduciary firm located in Limassol, Cyprus, we can provide all services our clients need to be successful.

We are a team of dedicated legal and business advisors committed to fostering the growth and success of your business. As Chartered Certified Accountants in Cyprus, we bring an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience to help drive your financial growth. Our integrity and professionalism serve as a guarantee for our clients, and we provide expert advice on transforming your accounting systems into a platform for profitability.

By providing expert consultations, we contribute to transforming your accounting systems into a platform for generating profits.


With the help of a professional approach and reliability we provide services and project support.
Our company situated in Limassol Cyprus, with regional and global clients, our certified accountants are aimed at raising the high estimation of your business. We have a qualified team combining together experts from a scope of accounting specialists, including auditing, taxation and business advice.

Our prosperity is measured by your success.


Let us help you to make Your accounts the platform to your benefit  

Regardless you’re a multinational, a regional business, or an individual, we provide the accounting services Limassol you are eager to obtain. Taking into account every detail of your unique situation, and applying a thoroughly meticulous approach, we will provide accounting solutions in the best and most beneficial way. We’re more than an accounting firm Cyprus: we are a real-life business team realizing professional projects. We’re striving to cooperate with you. 

Advantages of cooperation with us:

Cost effective
Tailored made approach
20 + years of experience
One stop shop for services