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Audit services

& Assurance is a highly complicated procedure, and the significance of auditors as an intrinsic part of the financial reporting system has never been more substantial as well as their role as fiduciary consultants is more essential. ATCA offers a range of Audit & Assurance and consultee services to contribute to clients in attaining their business goals, managing their risk, and refining their business efficiency.

Using our innovative methods allows the professionals of our team to provide the supreme service quality and superiority that is inherent to the ATCA Company.

Audit services & Assurance is about much more than just the figures. These numbers create a whole story of attainments and pursuits, accomplished projects and newly determined plans.  

What is an Audit?

Auditing is the procedure of providing assurance of the authenticity of the data in the financial statements made according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Audit Standards (IAS). The external auditor is a significant character in financial accountants. Users of financial statements reckon the auditors to impart the reporting procedure with technical expertise, completeness, independence, and objectiveness.

With high terms of reference in the realm of Cyprus Audit and Assurance, our audit professionals can guarantee that your company will adhere to all standards and regulations.

We will start an audit to bring assurance to your financial statements, reveal debilities in your internal systems and refine your financial reports.

Along with changes in business needs and the needs of stakeholders, the experience that we provide to our clients is developing as well.

We will cooperate with you to manage risk, reinforce business methods and maintain management by advising needed to make reasonable decisions. We will apply our wide network of resources, and our team of solvers, which is striving to assist our clients to guard and reinforce every aspect of their business, from people to efficiency, systems to strategy, business purposes to business resilience.

Why is it important?

Audit & Assurance defines your current place and shows what can be done for the next step. We are confident that all business conceptions are set on solid ground, that they conclude ideas of reasonable development, and are led by robust decisions.

We look to the future taking into account manifold conditions, steadily refurbishing outlook as well as methods of implementation to mold the standards that will bring convenience to stakeholders in the future.

People in our company are unflagging connoisseurs, profoundly skillful in miscellaneous subjects. In every engagement, we merge thorough branch specialization with extensive knowledge and experience.

Working with our team means interaction and cooperation with intelligent, vigorous people who create a clear comprehension of a business to provide more beneficial results.

Our services include:

  • Statutory audit
  • Voluntary statutory audits
  • Non-statutory audits, plus compilation reports
  • Financial reporting advice/solutions under UK and IFRS GAAP’s

Statutory audit

The goal of the audit is to convey a view on the reliability of a company’s financial statements as well as on the approval of the pertinence and quality of the financial data. Statutory audit engagements are grounded on rigorous adherence to independence and contradiction of interest rules and are set on the practice of national and international auditing norms.

Companies are looking forward to their auditors comprehending their organization and accommodating their business and particularities. Our approach enables to conjoin and cooperate in the most rigorous compliance of independence.

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