ATCA Tax Update


On 25th August 2020, the Tax Department by an announcement informed the taxpayers that due to technical issues, the Income Tax Returns for the year of 2019 for: 

Employees, pensioners (Form T.D.1) and self-employed persons (Form T.D.1 self-employed) with turnover not exceeding the € 70,000, are not yet available for submission through TAXISnet. 

Due to the delay observed, the Tax Officer, intends to extend the submission of the above Income Tax Returns after the 30th October 2020, if necessary, to give the necessary time to all taxpayers  to submit their Income Tax Return in a timely and correct manner. 

The Tax Department apologizes for any inconvenience that may have been caused by the prolonged delay and informs that there is no cause for concern.  

The Taxis net users will receive a notification in their email (TAXISnet email address) when the Income Tax Returns for the year of 2019 will be ready for submission. 


ΥΠΟΒΟΛΗ ΔΗΛΩΣΗΣ ΕΙΣΟΔΗΜΑΤΟΣ 2019 (ΤΦ1_ατόμου και ΤΦ1_αυτοεργοδοτούμενου) Το Τμήμα Φορολογίας ενημερώνει ότι, λόγω τεχνικών ζητημάτων, οι Δηλώσεις Εισοδήματος 2019 για:

(α) μισθωτούς και συνταξιούχους (ΤΦ1_ατόμου) και

(β) αυτοεργοδοτούμενους των οποίων ο κύκλος εργασιών δεν υπερβαίνει τις €70,000 (ΤΦ1_αυτοεργοδοτούμενου), δεν είναι ακόμη διαθέσιμες για υποβολή μέσω TAXISnet .

Λόγω της καθυστέρησης που παρατηρήθηκε, ο Έφορος Φορολογίας, προτίθεται να παρατείνει την υποβολή των πιο πάνω Δηλώσεων και μετά την 30η Οκτωβρίου 2020, εφόσον χρειαστεί, ώστε να δοθεί ο απαραίτητος χρόνος σε όλους τους φορολογούμενους να υποβάλουν έγκαιρα και ορθά τη Φορολογική τους Δήλωση.

Το Τμήμα Φορολογίας απολογείται για την οποιαδήποτε ταλαιπωρία μπορεί να προκλήθηκε από την παρατεταμένη καθυστέρηση και ενημερώνει ότι δεν υπάρχει λόγος ανησυχίας. Οι χρήστες TAXISnet θα λάβουν σχετική ειδοποίηση στο ηλεκτρονικό τους ταχυδρομείο (TAXISnet email address), όταν η Δήλωση Εισοδήματος 2019 θα είναι έτοιμη για υποβολή.

Cyprus Tax Residence Certificate


Set out below is a summary of the main requirements and conditions that must be met for an individual to obtain a tax residency certificate from the Cyprus Tax Department. Such certificate is usually needed by foreign tax authorities in order to apply the provisions of a double tax treaty with Cyprus (e.g. apply lower or eliminated withholding taxes on payments to Cyprus residents) and/or confirm that an individual is indeed tax resident in Cyprus. It is noted that the issuance of a tax residency certificate attracts a stamp duty of €80.

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Individuals Relocating To Cyprus (Non-Dom)


Cypriot tax legislation includes several tax incentives for individuals who seek to relocate and become Cyprus tax residents.
The non-domiciled provisions, exempt high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs from Cyprus taxes on any dividends and passive interest earned from any source. At the same time, the absence of capital gains tax on the disposal of shares and the absence of wealth and inheritance tax make Cyprus a very promising alternative for people looking for a tax friendly home.

Moreover, in order for companies to enhance their corporate presence in Cyprus, the law includes several provisions facilitating the relocation of employees, a notable example the exemption of 50% of the income for any executive earning more than €100.000 per annum.


Cyprus’ offers a wonderful living experience combining a stress-free and relaxed way of life in a safe environment with a contemporary character, ideal for people who seek balance between work and pleasure.


  • The safest country in the World for countries with less than 5 million population (, 2015)
  • Multicultural environment, over 20% of the population in Cyprus are non-Cypriots (Population Census, 2011) 
  • Clean waters with the highest number of Blue Flag beaches per capita in the world (EU Blue Flag ranking, 2015) 
  • The 5th best relocation destination worldwide (Knight Frank Global Lifestyle Review, 2013) ▪
  • Limassol, the second biggest city has been ranked 4th best retirement destination globally (Knight Frank Global Lifestyle Review, 2016)