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Audit & Assurance
Auditing is the process of providing assurance of the reliability of the information contained in the financial statements prepared in accordance…
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Cyprus International Trust
"A Trust is defined as the legal relationship which is created when the Settlor puts assets under the responsibility and management of a Trustee for the benefit of the Beneficiary."
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Accounting and Administration
Our accounting department consists of highly qualified and experienced personnel that deal with accounting…
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International Tax Planning
A brief research will assure you that compared to other countries of the world, Cyprus offers a number of benefits in the business sector...
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Corporate Management and Finance
Our experts can conduct professional and sophisticated studies that will help any company identify weaknesses as well as improve and function in a healthy financial environment...
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Closure of a Cyprus Company
The liquidation method can be either voluntary or compulsory. The Board of Directors must select the most suitable mechanism for the dissolution of a company, depending on the circumstances. Part V of the Companies Law (Cap.113) is the main legal framework which regulates the liquidation procedure in Cyprus. There are three ways in which liquidation can be triggered
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