Audit & Assurance

Auditing is the process of providing assurance of the reliability of the information contained in the financial statements prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Audit Standards (IAS). The independent auditor plays a crucial role in financial reporting. Users of financial statements expect external auditors to bring to the reporting process technical competence, integrity, independence and objectivity.

With their competence in the field of Cyprus Audit and Assurance, our audit team can ensure that your company will be complied with all rules and regulations.

We will undertake an audit to provide assurance of your financial statements, identify weaknesses in your internal systems and improve your financial reports. 

Our services cover the following:
  • Statutory audit
  • Voluntary statutory audits
  • Non statutory audits, including compilation reports
  • Financial reporting advice/solutions under UK and IFRS GAAP’s