New Format for Tax Identification Numbers (T.I.N.) in Cyprus

📅 Starting from March 27, 2023, the Cyprus Tax Department has implemented a new format for Tax Identification Numbers (T.I.N.) assigned to new registrations in their registry. 

🔢 The new T.I.N. format consists of nine (9) characters, with the first eight (8) being numeric and the last character being a Latin letter (English) serving as the alphabetic control character. 

🆕 ALL new T.I.N.s will begin with the number six (6). For instance, the new format could look like this: 60000000A

⚠️ It’s important to note that the new T.I.N. format is a random number with a control character at the end. It does not include any identifying elements such as an ID number or Company Registration number associated with the user.

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