FAQ for immigration  

Citizens of the European Union can apply for the Registration Certificate MEU1 (commonly known as " Yellow Slip") and following the lapse of five years they can apply of the permanent registration certificate.

  • If your plan is to work to an International Cyprus Company, you can apply for a work permit for third country nationals. 
  • If your plan is to work to an Cyprus Company (i.e. shareholders are Europeans, you can apply for a work permit but you need a prior approval by the Department of Labor.
  • If your plan is to reside and not to work in Cyprus (you need to have sufficient funds from abroad) you can apply for a visitor's permit with validity period of one year or a Permanent Residence Permit Cat.F. With this permit there is no requirement for renewal. 
  • If your plan is to reside and have the option to be a shareholder of your Cyprus Company, purchase your own residential property then you can apply for Permanent Residence Permit Reg.6.2 . With this permit there is no requirement for renewal. 

Family members of EU citizens that are not EU citizens can apply for a residence card within 4 months from the date of entry into the Republic of Cyprus.

You cannot apply for any EU permit as a dependent, unless your child is adult, registered in Cyprus and you can apply as dependent parent of the EU citizen. 

The following should be submitted :
  • A document issued by the country of origin or provenance, certifying that the family member in question has been supporting the parent in recent years or that they were living together under the same roof
  • Evidence of the existence of serious health reasons that make it absolutely necessary for the family members to take care of the parent

A digital nomad he may become Cyprus tax resident by:

Spending more than 183 days a year in Cyprus

Spending at least 60 days in Cyprus (without being taxed in other countries), and have a permanent home on the island, carry out a business or be an employer in the country.

An individual is considered to be a Cyprus tax resident if he/she was physically present in Cyprus for a period, or an aggregated period, of more than 183 days during the calendar year.

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