European Permit


European Permit (Yellow Slip) also known as a Registration Certificate is available to European (EU and EEA) citizens and their family members who wish to relocate and work in Cyprus. Every EU citizen, especially those EU citizens who have worked and lived in Cyprus for 3 months or more, must apply for a yellow slip. Holders of a yellow slip in Cyprus have the same rights as Cypriot citizens, full rights of stay and re-entry in the country, work and engage in business activities.


To satisfy the criteria required for applying for a European Permit (yellow slip), the applicant must fulfil either of the requirements below:

  • Have a secured and paid job in Cyprus.
  • Be self-employed.
  • Be a student.
  • Have identifiable means of living in Cyprus, without working.


EU Citizens who spent more than three months in Cyprus, they are legally automatically obliged to go to the Civil Registry and Migration Department to apply for the Registration Certificate. This service, currently, is being provided by the local Immigration Branch of the Police in all districts, except Nicosia where a District Migration Office exists.


The Applicant must attend to the local Immigration Branch of the District of residence and book the date for the submission of the application. It is recommended to book in advance, preferably 3-4 weeks earlier than the required submission date. The Applicant is required to be physically present for applying to obtain the Yellow Slip. The application cannot be submitted through power of attorney or their lawyer.


This application needs to be completed and submitted by citizens of the European Union and their family members who are also citizens of the European Union.


This application needs to be completed and submitted by the family members of the Applicant who are not European Union citizens.


  • Application forms MEU1 and MEU2 duly completed.
  • Copy of valid passport.
  • 2 passport sized photos.
  • Fixed or adequate income from employment outside the Republic or other legal sources.
  • Bank Statements of a bank account in Cyprus or bank statements from abroad (if applicable).
  • Certificate of comprehensive health insurance in Cyprus.
  • Marriage Certificate duly certified and translated (if applicable).
  • Children Birth Certificates duly certified and translated (if applicable).
  • Rental Agreement or sale agreement of a house/apartment.


The Registration Certificate for EU Citizens does not expire. The certificate for non-EU family members has a validity of 5 years and on expiry the applicant can apply for renewal.


EU citizens are free to enter, leave, travel and live in Cyprus. They are, in turn, free to engage in any economic activity, either as paid employees or self-employed persons, service providers or engage in any educational opportunity in Cyprus – of course, subject to the same conditions as Cypriot citizens.

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